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Founded in 2008, our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.
Miracle Health Hospital (Private) Limited is a full-service private healthcare institution in the heart of Kurunegala. It has been serving the community’s health care needs since its establishment in 2010. It offers a wide range of services including all surgical procedures, laparoscopic surgeries, plastic surgeries, 24-hour in-ward care, 24-hour VOG care, OPD, channeling, laboratory, x-rays, scanning, dental care and a 24-hour pharmacy service.
Sri Lanka’s leading consultants in all specialties provide services to itspatients on a daily basis. All of its consultants have been trained in the UK, Australia, Canada and other countries renowned for its medical care. A highly trained team of dedicated nurses provide support to its consultants and doctors around the clock. It is the only hospital in Kurunegla where patients are able to receive consultations from a highly qualified nutritionist and services of a vascular surgeon. It is also the only hospital in Kurunegala where VOGs are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to attend to any emergencies and look after its patients. In addition, Miracle is one of the only two hospitals outside Colombo to offer anomaly scans to its customers.
Due to the success of its Fertility Treatment Centre and its Obstetrics and Gynaecology Centre, with a record of over 2,000 deliveries, Miracle is recognized as the leading hospital in the field, in the region. Its Fertility Treatment Centre is linked to one of India’s leading fertility institutions, which allows Miracle to provide a full range of fertility services including IUI and IVF.
Miracle is known for its patient centered approach to healthcare, with a renowned focus on quality and service. With the largest and the most comfortable rooms in Kurunegala and the surrounding districts, Miracle takes every effort to ensure its patients receive the best care and service.
Miracle Hospital - Kurunegala

Miracle Health Hospital (Private) Limited is a full-service private healthcare institution in the heart of Kurunegala.

To be the most preferred hospital in Sri Lanka, with well trained and most reliable staff by providing well-focused, caring services to the clientele beyond boundaries, making them delighted all the way.
To develop a dynamic driving force for health care sector by empowering the staff with well-focused coaching so as the whole staff of the Hospital be considered the best private sector health care cluster in the island by 2028 with patronage by clientele beyond all boundaries.
Care- We care for all who seek our caring services at all times Professionalism – We maintain professionalism in all our services Team work- We win all challenges as a team Empathy – Empathy is in all our endeavors
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